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Löyly Sauna and Restaurant

What is Löyly?

In Finnish, Löyly means the act of throwing water on the hot rocks in sauna. Löyly Helsinki is a beautiful Sauna and Restaurant venue, located in the south coast of Helsinki, overlooking at the Baltic sea. Most notably known for it's architecture, it is a great place to meet friends for wining and dining with or without a Finnish Sauna experience. Sauna is a Finnish concept and a place where locals retreat to relax, gather their thoughts and spend time with their friends. Voices from the sea and steam from the sauna puts your mind at ease.

During summertime, Löyly gets sunlight to the late hours of the day, so it is great place to enjoy the magic of - short but awesome - Finnish summer. The restaurant is open from lunch to dinner, offering brunches at weekend. Reasonably priced, the menu is full of Finnish foods and local produce. Especially fish dishes are recommended.

Löyly Helsinki Homepage

How to Get to Löyly Helsinki?

Address: Löyly Helsinki Hernesaarenranta 4, 00150 HELSINKI

From Downtown Helsinki:

  1. Bus 14 from Kamppi - every 10 minutes
  2. Parking available around the venue
  3. Citybike from Helsinki takes 10 minutes

Contact information:

Phone: +358(0)9 61286550


What to do at Löyly Helsinki?

Inside Löyly Helsinki

There is a reason to visit Löyly any time of the day.

  1. Sauna is open whole day, you can access public sauna for a fee and even go take a dip in the sea
  2. Dining in the restaurant is a great way to taste Finnish ingredients, booking suggested
  3. Have a drink in the sunshine and suck in the Finnish summer sun

Nearby Löyly Helsinki

Walk along the coast to the east, towards downtown Helsinki. You will find bars, cafes, restaurants and island ferries you can hop on into. This is a very peaceful area, just outside downtown Helsinki. Good place to see local people relaxing and to take photographs.

Hietalahti Market – Hietalahden Kauppahalli

What is Hietalahti Market?

If you are wondering around Helsinki and looking for a place to have lunch, but can't quite make your mind on what you want, Hietalahti Market is the spot for you! With nearly 20 small restaurants there is something for everyone. From local Finnish foods to Asian delicacies and best cuts of cheese to fresh meat from a butcher.

Outside of the market there is a flea market where you can find local antiques and cheap deals. Some restaurants and coffee shops also offer seating outside, which makes it a great place to see local people go on by their daily lives.

Hietalahti Market's history started in 1903 and it has been a food market, art gallery and organic produce market during it's history, in 2013 finally becoming a food market hall as it originally was.

Hietalahti Market Homepage

How to Get to Hietalahti Market

Address: Hietalahden Kauppahalli, Lönnrotinkatu 34, 00180 HELSINKI

From Downtown Helsinki:

  1. Hietalahti Market can easily be reached walking from downtown. Walk South West. You can walk down Lönnrotinkatu and it will take you directly to the market.
  2. Trams 6 and 6T from Rautatientori and Länsisatama harbor stop right next to the market. 
  3. Bus 20 goes by Hietalahti Market.
  4. Trams 7 and 9 and all buses going towards Espoo or Lauttasaari stop just a short walk by.
  5. Use a citybike! There is a citybike stop near the Hietalahti Market

What to do At Hietalahti Market?

Inside Hietalahti Market

Above anything else, this a place to come eat. Busiest at lunch with nearly 20 restaurants with a huge selection offering their affordable foods to public. Don't come too early before lunch time as most places won't be open by then. 12:00 is the best time to visit. The restaraurants offer seating but are small. Take away is also possible from most places. Vegetarian, organic and other special foods are offered.

Top 5 picks:

  1. Roslund - Roslund Burgers are rated among the best in the City. The meat is superb and they are enthusiastic about their food
  2. Soppakeittiö - They only serve soups but they have good selection of them
  3. Petiscaria - Portuguese foods, one of the most popular restaurants in here 
  4. Super Bowl - Serves a bowl of super healthy food, delicious and good for you
  5. Le Marché - French food with passion. Enjoy!

Outside Hietalahdi Market

If you would like to find some local treasures, you can find them at the flea market outside. Especially busy during weekends and good weather. From brass antique to old dishes and clothes you can find things here you won't find at supermarkets. Be ready to haggle. There are also coffee places and things to eat outside if you would like to stay out and enjoy the weather.

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